Welcome to the website of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Mozambique.

I took office as Head of the European Union Delegation to Mozambique in September 2014 on the aftermath of agreements contributing to the stability of the country and on the eve of general elections. This is an important period for the Mozambican people. Mozambique, rich in natural resources and gifted with a dynamic population, experiences rapid and steady growth. This impressive growth can help reducing poverty throughout the country. I have little doubt that free and fair elections and respect for the rule of law will not only foster political stability but also bring new economic and social opportunities to all its citizens.

In further developing the European Union Partnership with Mozambique under the Cotonou Agreement - covering Political, Economic and Trade relations, as well as Development Cooperation - the European Union hopes to make an important contribution, helping Mozambique to meet the Millennium Development Goals and supporting the consolidation of the country's peaceful path towards democracy as well as inclusive and sustainable development.

Furthermore, the European Union, together with its 28 Member States, is the first trading partner, investor and donor in Mozambique. Our relations are political as much as they cover security, economic and development cooperation.

I very much look forward to building on the strong ties which characterise the excellent relations not only with our host, the Government of Mozambique, and all stakeholders in Mozambique's vibrant civil society, but also with the diplomatic missions and international organizations present in this great country.

Rest assured that I am strongly committed to deepening the ties between the European Union and Mozambique in all areas of common interest.

Enjoy surfing our Delegation's website - and please do not hesitate to provide feedback on the service we offer. Thank you!

Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff