Access to the EU procurement market for tenders originating in third (28/06/2011)

As you know the recent Commission communications "Trade, Growth and World
Affairs" and "Towards a Single Market Act" stress the need for a legislative proposal to
ensure improved symmetry in access to international public procurement markets.

In this context, before the end of this year the European Commission intends to propose a
new legal instrument with the aim of establishing clear terms of access to the EU's 1.8
trillion EUR government procurement market for suppliers from outside the EU and to
create increased leverage for negotiating access to the procurement markets of trading

DG Trade and DG Markt are conducting jointly an impact assessment which, as you
know, includes among other elements the collection of data and expertise in order to
analyse how to improve access to procurement markets in third countries and set
proportionate, coherent and effective terms of access to the EU public procurement
markets for foreign goods, services and companies. As part of the preparatory work, in
January 2011 Delegations were asked to contribute to this exercise by responding to a
specific questionnaire. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those Delegations
that provided helpful input to the questionnaire.

As an important next step in this impact assessment, on 7 June the European Commission
launched a public consultation on this initiative. I would be grateful for your assistance in
informing relevant stakeholders, in particular businesses, about this important
consultation and encouraging them to contribute. This exercise is a valuable source of
background information for the Commission and will contribute to further the policy
reflections on this matter.

You can access all relevant information and the on-line questionnaire via the following
link: .The consultation runs from 7 June until 2 August 2011.

Please also see the following link to the press release and the relevant "Frequently Asked
Questions" on this initiative which you may find useful when responding to enquiries:

Should you wish further information or need assistance in responding to enquiries, please
do not hesitate to contact us at the following mail address: