The Strategic Partnership

Since the entry into force in 2000 of the Global Agreement, and in particular during the last few years, the European Union and Mexico have developed a political dialogue on issues of mutual interest such as social cohesion, justice and human rights, sustainable economic development, environment, education and culture, and science and technology. This development has created the political conditions for the establishment of a closer dialogue on global issues notably on climate change and energy, food security, global economy and security. In this context, the need has been felt for a wider and more ambitious political framework to be established between the EU and Mexico, which has resulted in the establishment of a Strategic Partnership .

With the objective of enhancing EU-Mexico coordination at the multilateral level on global issues and providing additional political impetus to the development of bilateral relations and initiatives, the European Commission presented a Communication to the EU Member States (Council) and the European Parliament on 15 July 2008 recommending the establishment of a Strategic Partnership between the European Union and Mexico. The Council endorsed the document on 13 October 2008 pdf - 213 KB [213 KB] and the European Parliament issued its favourable recommendation 12 March 2009 .  

The Strategic Partnership will lead to closer coordination of positions on global, regional and bilateral issues on the basis of shared interests and concerns, by providing a strong political framework and thus enhancing dialogue between the EU and Mexico notably on:


  1. Political issues , such as multilateralism, democracy, human rights, rule of law, cultural dialogue, Latin America, regional integration, Rio Group;
  2. Security issues , such as the fight against terrorism, organised crime, drug and human trafficking;
  3. Environmental issues , such as climate change, natural disasters, fight against over exploitation of fish stocks;
  4. Socio-Economic issues , such as development policy, investment and social responsibility, innovation and intellectual property rights, open markets, social policies, decent work/social protection, migration, poverty, global macro-financial stability, good governance in the tax area, energy security, sustainability and improved efficiency, food prices.

The EU and Mexico in the V EU-Mexico Summit celebrated on May 2010 in Spain, adopted the Joint Executive Plan of the Strategic Partnership which contains concrete actions and joint initiatives making the partnership truly operational.

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