National Authorising Officer

The local institution of paramount importance for the 79 African, Caribbean, Pacific Countries (ACP countries) that participate in the Cotonou Agreement pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] is the National Authorising Officer (NAO), a senior government official appointed by each ACP state to represent it in all the operations financed through the European Development Fund (EDF).

In close collaboration with the Head of Delegation, the NAO is responsible for:

  • The preparation and submission of programmes and projects
  • The examination and completion of tenders for approval by the Head of Delegation
  • The coordination, monitoring and assessment of projects and programmes funded through the European Development Fund
  • Ensuring the proper execution of projects, programmes and disbursements of EC funding in the country.

The NAO in Liberia

In Liberia the NAO function was taken away from the Government in 1994 when the EU-Liberia political dialogue was suspended.

The situation was regularised on 6 October 2010 with the restitution of the NAO powers to the Government of Liberia in a ceremony held at the Executive Mansion, where Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf nominated Minister of Planning and Economic Affairs Amara Konneh as National Authorising Officer.

The NAO Unit which is placed in the Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs (MPEA) has been benefiting from a technical assistance project for capacity development since February 2009.

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