List of projects

The cooperation of the European Union and the EU Member States with Lebanon 

The European Union is a major donor and the main trade partner of Lebanon. The sectors of cooperation between the EU, the Members States and Lebanon range from Economic Development, Human Rights and Governance, to Social and Cultural Development and Heritage, Infrastructure, the Environment, Humanitarian Aid and many more.

Programmes and projects funded by the EU are implemented in several areas across Lebanon. Please consult the maps below for an overview of these areas.

Map of ongoing EU interventions pdf - 7 MB [7 MB]

Map of ongoing EU interventions: Public Finance and Support to the Private Sector pdf - 4 MB [4 MB]

Map of ongoing EU interventions: Human Security and Development, including Democracy and Human Rights pdf - 3 MB [3 MB]

Map of ongoing EU interventions: Support to Vulnerable Communities and Refugees pdf - 6 MB [6 MB]

Map of ongoing EU interventions: Agriculture, Environment, Local Development, Governance, Water and Sanitation, and Solid Waste Management pdf - 4 MB [4 MB]


Fact sheets, which describe the main programmes and projects funded in Lebanon by the EU and the 28 Member States, are available in English, French and Arabic.

Human Rights and Democracy pdf - 296 KB [296 KB] français (fr) ‫العربية ‪(ar)

Justice & Good Governance pdf - 198 KB [198 KB] français (fr) ‫العربية ‪(ar)

Economic Development pdf - 265 KB [265 KB] français (fr) ‫العربية ‪(ar)

Infrastructure & Natural Resources pdf - 140 KB [140 KB] français (fr) ‫العربية ‪(ar)

Peace, Security and Stability pdf - 232 KB [232 KB] français (fr) ‫العربية ‪(ar)

Syrian Crisis Response and Humanitarian Aid pdf - 518 KB [518 KB] français (fr) ‫العربية ‪(ar)

Social Development pdf - 402 KB [402 KB] français (fr) ‫العربية ‪(ar)

Regional Development pdf - 236 KB [236 KB] français (fr) ‫العربية ‪(ar)

Culture and Heritage pdf - 268 KB [268 KB] français (fr) ‫العربية ‪(ar)


A list of regional projects which are implemented in Lebanon, with the aim of reinforcing cooperation between the EU and partner countries along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea is also available:

Regional projects pdf - 382 KB [382 KB]