The Euromed Audiovisual Programme, funded by the EU, organises a round table on film and audiovisual in Lebanon (20/01/2012)


On 20 January 2012, a meeting will be held in Beirut with Lebanese authorities and professionals of the film and audiovisual sector, as part of national consultation round tables planned by the Euromed Audiovisual Programme III of the European Union in the countries of the Southern Mediterranean. The roundtable, which will be managed by the programme's experts for strategic development, will discuss the needs and expectations of the main players in the sector with a view to greater regional cooperation aimed at fostering the development of film and audiovisual activities in Lebanon. It serves a dual purpose: to better identify, together with other players and contributors in the region, the support that the European Union could provide to the needs of Lebanon and of the southern Mediterranean, and to create professional networks in the region allowing their members to be privileged partners of their European peers. 

During the roundtable, different topics will be discussed with representatives of the Ministries of Culture and Information, producers, directors and distributors, film festivals organisers, as well as representatives of televisions, film associations and film schools: the funding of films and audiovisual works, from development to post-production, the status of production companies as creative small and medium-sized enterprises and the distribution and exhibition of films and audiovisual works. 

Euromed Audiovisual Programme III has a total budget of €11 million over three years (2011-2013). Following a call for proposals, it finances seven projects whose aim is to develop the film and audiovisual sector in the Southern Mediterranean, as one of the tools for socio-economic development in the region. Euromed Audiovisual Programme III aims at reinforcing the exchange of know-how and best practice transfer through training, workshops, networking and capacity building of professionals and national authorities. 

As part of theEuromed Audiovisual Programme III, Lebanon benefits from three projects: DOCmed for the training of documentary professionals (Partner: Beirut DC), DIA SUD MED for workshops and meetings to develop crossmedia projects (Partner: Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts) and TERRAMED whose aim is to promote the Mediterranean programmes broadcast by public televisions (Partner: Lebanese TV). 


The seven projects funded by Euromed Audiovisual Programme III are:

  • A strategic partnership project covering several aspects identified as priorities. These include institutional capacity building and strengthening of the legal framework of the film and audiovisual sector, as well as improvement of the cooperation between different operators in the sector at a regional level in the field of statistics, markets, promotion, distribution and exhibition of audiovisual works. Other priorities identified are the fight against piracy, access to funding as well as development of support mechanisms for the production and co-production in the region.
  • Six projects, five of which will train professionals in the Mediterranean film industry in key areas such as production, making documentaries and feature films, cross-media, the establishment of co-productions or screenwriting. The sixth project is dedicated to Mediterranean film distribution through the establishment of video-on-demand services. 

The Euromed Audiovisual Programme has operated in two separate previous phases: Euromed Audiovisual I (2000-2005) and Euromed Audiovisual II (2006-2009). Both were focused on promoting exchanges across the Mediterranean, assisting professionals for the development, distribution and promotion of their works internationally. Among other projects, Euromed Audiovisual II has financed: 

  • A legal database which collects and organises information on film and audiovisual law and copyright of all countries of the Southern Mediterranean as well as European directives in the field. This database will be updated and expanded as part of Euromed Audiovisual III.
  • More than60 films, whose producers have participated in vocational training initiatives of the programme, have been produced and distributed.
  • The Med-Screen project has created an online database ( containing more than 3,000films titles from the Arab Mediterranean countries. 

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