Welcome by the Head of Delegation

Welcome to all of you to the website of the Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon.

The European Union represents a unique model of political and economic integration of 28 Member States who have decided to work together for greater peace, security, prosperity and stability. It is an influential actor on the world stage, the world’s number one economy and integrated trade block, the biggest aid donor and a major high-tech hub. 500 million citizens who speak dozens of different languages live in countries that vary both in size and geography. But still, we all feel part of the European Union.

The EU and Lebanon have been working together for decades. Over the years, the EU has supported peace, security and stability in Lebanon. We have been working with state institutions, civil society, local authorities and the private sector to advance our partnership in supporting the necessary reforms in the country. We believe in Lebanon's youth and in creating more educational and professional opportunities for young men and women. We have advocatedthe promotion of good governance, the rule of law and fundamental rights, as we continued to enhance our support to the security agencies. We have encouraged sustainable development by promoting trade and business opportunities, quality infrastructure upgrades, agricultural and rural development, and the use of renewable energy.

Today, Europe and Lebanon are facing a number of common challenges. We work together in the fight against terrorism and radicalisation, as well as in addressing migration issues. We are supporting Lebanon to tackle the consequences of the large number of refugees that have sought refuge on its soil in the past few years. The EU is assisting Lebanon with humanitarian aid to the refugees as well as much needed basic services such as health, education, water, sanitation and solid waste to both refugees and the vulnerable Lebanese communities who are affected by the crisis.

As I begin my work here in Lebanon as Head of Delegation of the European Union, I look forward to working closely with all our partners to further deepen our cooperation and help build a functioning, inclusive and secure contemporary civil state.  

I would like to invite you to connect with us by visiting our website where you will find information and news about our work in Lebanon and the world. You can also follow our work on our social media channels by visiting our Facebook page at facebook.com/EUDelegationLebanon and by following us on Twitter @EUinLebanon.

Christina Markus Lassen

Ambassador, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon