SAP Dialogue

The SAP is the main instrument for political dialogue between the Government of Kosovo and the European Commission in the framework of the EU's Stabilisation and Association Process.

The main purpose of SAP Dialogue political and technical meetings is to accompany and monitor Kosovo's reforms and the EU approximation process, in particular with regard to the priorities defined in the European Partnership adopted by the European Council on 18 February 2008.

SAP Dialogue meetings are co-chaired by the European Commission and the Government of Kosovo. Each meeting results in jointly agreed follow up actions to be taken by the Kosovo authorities.

Plenary meetings are held once a year. The first STM Plenary meeting took place in March 2003, the latest one – the first SAP Dialogue meeting on 6 July 2010.

Specific sectoral meetings have been set up to deepen technical discussions in the following areas: justice, freedom and security; innovation, information society , social policy; agriculture, fisheries, forestry, food safety; internal market, competition, consumer/health protection; trade, industry, customs, taxation; transport, energy, environment, regional development; economic and fiscal matters. Such sectoral meetings take place once a year and provide a platform to discuss policy and implementation at practical level between practitioners.

The dialogue with Kosovo continues between and after meetings. The time between the meetings allows for the implementation of the recommendations and agreed follow up actions.

Since 2010, the Stabilisation and Association Process Dialogue has been enhanced by involving civil society organisations more deeply. Before each SAPD meetings, agenda points are discussed with representatives from relevant civil society organisations. The results of these discussions feed into the European Commission's dialogue with the Kosovo authorities.

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