Project fiche

Water and Sanitation project grants under 10th EDF ACP-EU Water Facility

Sector: Unspecified

EU Contribution: € 129,445,836.00 (100% of total).

Description: The project will improve the situation through increased access to safe water from the current 31% coverage to 90% coverage, Increase access to improved sanitation from 5.5% to 75% in the villages, reduce the ratio of pupil to improved latrine from over 162 pupils to less 60 pupils per latrine in line with government standards. It will also improve access to hygiene messages, peoples? knowledge on HIV/AIDS, gender, human rights, environment leading to improved health and socio-economic status. Key activities are: ? Deliver safe water supply, establish rainwater harvesting systems throughout the five years. ? Mobilise 5 health centres, 6 market centres and 31 schools to construct 82 four vaults VIP latrines, 82 Household Water Facilities and 82 urinals, Facilitate construction and installation of 12,000 sanitation platforms, ecological sanitation, and Hygiene education using participatory methods through the five years. ? Training 94 Government extension workers to support to project implementation in the first year; Training of 361 Village Health Water Committees/school management committees/market centres management in Community Based Management of water and sanitation facilities through the five years. ? Mainstreaming of cross cutting issues such as gender and HIV and AIDS throughout the five years. ? Comprehensive monitoring, evaluation and reporting through the five years. The expected results are: ? Increased delivery of safe water supply. ? Increased access to sanitation & improved adoption of key hygiene practices. ? Local structures and systems strengthened/developed at different levels to effectively plan, lead, and support development initiatives. ? All stakeholders have increased capacity to mainstream rights, gender, HIV and AIDS and environmental issues. ? Establish and maintain a project results-based monitoring and evaluation system and strengthen districts M&E system.

Location : The project will be carried out in Dedza and Ntcheu Districts.