Kazakhstan's government representatives studied European experience in agricultural policy (02/10/2009)

ASTANA, 2 October 2009 - A group of the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan have been presented with the first-hand experience on the EU agricultural and food safety policy, agrarian economies and research by the European experts. The EU project on Policy Dialogue Advice Programme (PDAP) has organised in September a study trip for Kazakhstan's officials to participate in a conference, seminars and expert training sessions in Greece.
A week-long seminar held jointly with the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICh) has provided a technical assistance and consultancy to Kazakhstan's experts with regard to a development of effective state agrarian policy. It was a tailor-made program developed on the basis of best practices and agricultural policies of the EU Member States. Various practical methods, such as "multi criteria analysis", "computable general and partial equilibriums", were presented to the participants to educate them in assessing effective policy measures. Decision making methodology has been introduced on the example of biofuels.

"This training on the methods and instruments of policy measures analysis in agriculture concludes the second phase of consultancy on food security among the EU and Kazakhstan experts. It was very important and useful opportunity to enhance the relations between the agrarian institutes from Europe and Kazakhstan", - said George Myrogiannis, the Team leader of the EU PDAP project.

At the other meetings, the European agrarian experts and agriculture officials have made a review of the EU Common Agrarian Policy (CAP), market and income policies of the EU Member States as well as the European research policy in agriculture and the protection of rights of intellectual property. The attention was also made to the collective schemes in agriculture and ensuring affordable food prices to consumers. The participants had an opportunity to exchange opinions on the measures undertaken to ensure food security and regulate the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

Within the same visit, the representatives of Kazakhstan took part in international conference of the European Association of Agrarian Economists (EAAE), in which around 200 agrarian economists from the EU, the USA and Canada discussed the agrarian economic science.

The EU-funded PDAP project started in February 2008 to support Kazakhstan's efforts in fostering reforms and increasing competitiveness of the country. The EU has allocated €3.2 mln. to establish a close policy dialogue by means of exchanging expertise, best practices, know-how and Policy Dialogue and Advice Facility (PDAF). The three-year project is implemented by a consortium of four companies: DMI Associates (France), IBF (Belgium), INCOM (Greece) and PPRC (Kazakhstan) in close cooperation with the JSC National Analytical Center under the Government of Kazakhstan.

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