Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) pdf - 225 KB [225 KB] русский язык (ru) , which came into force in 1999, is the main agreement underpinning the EU's partnership with Kazakhstan.

The Agreement sets out areas of cooperation as well as responsibilities to be fulfilled by both the EU and Kazakhstan. This type of agreement covers a wide range of areas of cooperation between the EU and its partner countries. The main task of this co-operation is to harmonise Kazakhstan's legislation with European legislative norms and standards as well as to promote bilateral trade and investments.

Regular meetings are being held between the two partners in the format of Cooperation Councils at the level of Ministers and Cooperation Committees at the level of senior civil servants. There are also regular subcommittee meetings between EU and Kazakhstan representatives on different issues. At these meetings, issues of common interest are discussed and plans are made for the further development of the EU's cooperation with Kazakhstan, including the provision of technical assistance.

In addition to the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, there are other agreements on areas of mutual interest, including nuclear safety and nuclear fusion. There are three nuclear-related agreements signed between Kazakhstan and the European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM):

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