Active and Efficient, like a horse: Jordanians see the EU as a strong and loyal neighbour (06/01/2011)

(Amman, 6 January 2011) Jordanians overwhelmingly feel their country has good relations with the EU, and have a particular appreciation for the role the EU plays in promoting democracy in the country. This was just one of the findings of a wide-ranging survey carried out as part of the Opinion Polling and Research (OPPOL) project, funded under the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) regional information and communication programme.

The survey aimed to generate better information about awareness, understanding and perception of the EU and the role it plays in Jordan. The first phase was a baseline study, which interviewed opinion leaders to evaluate their perception, knowledge and appraisal of the EU. The second phase involved an opinion poll which questioned members of the general public.

The overwhelming majority of respondents have a positive assessment of the EU and its relations with Jordan. A full 100% of opinion leaders say Jordan has good or fairly good relations with the EU, while 86% of the general public felt relations were good.