Political Framework

The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) is the basis of the political framework of EU-Jordan relations.

The ENP was launched following the enlargement of the European Union in 2004, which introduced the opportunity to develop closer ties between the EU and Jordan, moving beyond co-operation, to economic integration and a deeper political partnership.

The ENP is currently implemented through a joint EU-Jordan Action Plan pdf - 206 KB [206 KB] , which outlines a set of priorities that support Jordan's National Agenda and focus on political dialogue and reform, trade, social issues, and assisting Jordan to gradually hold a substantial stake in the EU’s Internal Market. The EU-Jordan Action Plan also addresses the issues of energy, transport, environment and social development.

The EU-Jordan Association Council is the highest decision-making body within the political framework and consists of government representatives from Jordan and the EU. It is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Action Plan and moving the EU-Jordan partnership forward.

The EU has reported on the results achieved so far in three progress reports on the implementation of the Action Plan (released respectively in December 2006, April 2008, and April 2009).

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