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Horizon 2020 Info Day 2015 in Tokyo

EU News 288/2015


Over 200 persons came to the EU Delegation to Japan from all around the country, to participate in the Work Programme 2016-17 dissemination event, organised by JEUPITSE (an FP7 Bilat project) on 14 October. During the half day event, first, the audience heard from Leonidas Karapiperis (S&T Counsellor at the EU Delegation) about Horizon 2020 and its open to the world policy. Next, Hiroshi Matsumoto (H2020 NCP in Japan) presented details about budget of WP 2016-17, number of calls and topics, including 23 topics explicitly inviting cooperation with Japanese researchers, where to find relevant information, how to find partners and how to apply. This was followed by testimonies of Japanese participants of three Horizon 2020: National Institute for Environmental Studies, The High Energy Accelerator Research Organization KEK and Network Innovation Laboratories.

A high point of the event was the announcement by Japan Science and Technology Agency, delivered by Dr. Hideo Nakajima, on a new JST co-funding scheme, that initially will financially cover two topics (1-2 project) under WP 2016-17: Advanced Materials for Power Electronics (NMBP-02-2016) and Substitution of Critical Raw Materials in the Electric Power Systems (NMBP-03-2016).  Hideyuki Yamaguchi from Japan Society for the Promotion of Science encouraged building Japan-EU Cooperative Networks in the context of researchers mobility and highlighted the agreement recently signed with ERC, under which Japanese researchers will be able to join ERC running grants from mid 2016 for up to 12 months. Shuji Yamaguchi from Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications presented developments in ICT collaboration between EU and Japan.

During the last segment of the event, JEUPISTE, NCP and EURAXESS introduced their supporting activities. Attendees also had a unique opportunity to directly discuss participation issues with four NCPs from APRE and FORTH, who flew from Europe to participate in this event.


Presentations from the event are available at:

20151014 Dr. Hideo Nakajima, Department of International Affairs, JST at H2020 Info Day 2015 - Dr Hiroshi Matsumoto Horizon 2020 National Contact Point at H2020 Info Day 2015 - Photo by TK URL