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Environment Council: Main results

EU News 255/2015

Council of the European Union

The Council adopted conclusions establishing the EU's position for the UN climate change conference in Paris later this year. This mandate sets out the EU's vision for the new climate agreement to be adopted at the conference.

The EU will aim at reaching an ambitious, legally-binding and dynamic agreement, with the objective of keeping global warming below 2°C. In order to achieve this objective, the Council stressed that global greenhouse gas emissions need to peak by 2020 at the latest, be reduced by at least 50% by 2050 compared to 1990 and be near zero or below by 2100.

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Environment Council - September 2015. From left to right: Mr Miguel ARIAS CANETE, Member of the European Commission; Ms Carole DIESCHBOURG, Luxembourg Minister for the Environment. Shoot location: Brussels - BELGIUM Shoot date: 18/09/2015 Copyright: No commercial use. Credit 'The European Union' (C)EU, 2015 URL