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Destroyers Meet at Sea in the Indian Ocean

EU News 509/2014

December 29, 2014

Following the visit in early November by the Commander of the 6th Japanese Escort Division, Captain Tsutomu Okawa, to EU Naval Force warship, FGS Lübeck, the German frigate’s commanding officer, Commander Peter Christian Semrau was invited to make a return visit to Japanese destroyer, JS Onami, on 16 December 2014.

After rendezvousing at sea 200 nautical miles north of The Seychelles, Captain Okawa invited Commander Semrau and members of his German Navy crew on board.

During the day the warships, together with Japanese destroyer JS Takanami, conducted a series of naval exercises at sea, including a gunnery serial, with the crews firing at a large inflatable orange target that is known in navy jargon as a killer tomato!

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