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Statement on the peace plan announced by President Poroshenko of Ukraine

EU News 273/2014

Brussels, 20 June 2014

"We very much welcome the announcement today by President Poroshenko of a ceasefire and a 15-point plan for the peaceful settlement of the crisis in Eastern Ukraine.

We commend President Poroshenko for his efforts and call on all sides to seize this long sought opportunity to reverse the trend of an ever worsening security and humanitarian situation in Eastern Ukraine. All parties will need to abide by the conditions of the peace plan and actively promote its implementation. We in particular call on the Russian Federation to use all its influence to this end and to support this plan publicly and through concrete actions.

This Monday's Foreign Affairs Council will discuss these latest developments and the EU's further steps. To this end, newly appointed Ukrainian Foreign Minister Klimkin, who has been closely involved in the peace talks with Russia and the OSCE over the past weeks, has been invited to brief the EU Foreign Ministers on the peace plan and more widely on the situation in Ukraine."

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