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Key European think-tank to hold workshop in Japan

EU News 271/2014


The European Council on Foreign Relations will gather an esteemed group of high-level European and Asian foreign policy thinkers for a workshop titled 'How Do Asians See Their Future?', to be held in Tokyo from 22 to 27 June. As Asia's oldest democracy, and a country actively committed to finding creative solutions to domestic and regional issues, such as traditional security or energy insecurity, Japan presents a natural choice for uniting the emerging and established voices across the region, determining where the region is headed, and ascertaining where Europe fits into this 'concert of Asia'.

Europeans want a stable and peaceful Asia which confirms Europe’s own preference for open regionalism, and which strengthens international regimes whilst contributing more to global governance. However, the question remains whether Europe is able to help Asia deepen its commitment to democracy, the rule of law, and international institutions.

How Do Asians See Their Future? will shed light on these European and Asian questions at the intersection of both - the Delegation of the European Union in Tokyo. The project is supported by European partners such as the Bosch and Konrad Adenauer Foundations as well as major Asian partners such as the Tokyo Foundation, the Japan Institute of International Affairs, the East Asia Institute and the Korea Foundation.

Initial discussions are organised around five pillars, or themes, each addressing a different aspect of Asia’s policy options in an era of shifting power balances, while dinners and the final day will provide a chance to assimilate an understanding of Europe’s stake in these events, addressing the role of Europe, and international institutions on a wider scale.

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