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Senior European Commission official in charge of industry visiting Japan

EU News 152/2014

8 April 2014

Daniel Calleja Crespo, director general of the European Commission's Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry, is visiting Tokyo 8-9 April to attend the EU-Japan Business Round Table (BRT) and co-chair the EU-Japan Industrial Policy Dialogue.

The BRT, a high-level business advisory forum for authorities in the European Union and Japan, will hold a joint session with officials from both sides on 9 April, where industry representatives will present their policy recommendations and Mr Calleja will present the positions of his directorate-general.

Following the meeting, Mr Calleja will, together with Norihiko Ishiguro, vice-minister for international affairs at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, co-chair this year's EU-Japan Industrial Policy Dialogue. This annual dialogue allows the EU and Japan to exchange views on their respective industrial policy and discuss specific policy areas, including the competitiveness and internationalisation of small and medium enterprises and the sustainable supply of raw materials. They are also expected to agree on concrete actions for enhanced cooperation in the fields of chemicals, corporate social responsibility, regulation and construction products.

File Photo: Mr Calleja during a previous visit to Japan (C)EU, 2009 URL