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The Delegation takes part in the Children's International Festa 2013

EU News 386/2013

3 September 2013

On 31 August the Delegation took part in this year's Children's International Festa, an annual event held every August in Tokyo. The event was organised by Somos and Co., with the aim of giving kids the chance to experience first-hand a number of different cultures from around the world through workshops and fun stage performances. A total of 13 different embassies were present with booths running various workshops. The Delegation took part as did Belgium, Italy, Poland, Spain, as well as a number of other embassies such as Brazil, New Zealand, and Thailand.

Over 1,000 children came to the event, with a great many visiting the Delegation booth, all keen to take part in a fun European flag jigsaw game, and learn about the diversity of the 28 different member states. Most popular though was the European Union flag face-painting, for which there was an endless queue the whole day.  Three children were designated EU Mini Ambassadors for the day, and took part in live reports from the booth.

Earlier in the week the Delegation welcomed 25 primary school children for a fun day of European Union activities, as part of a Children's International Festa pre-event. The children worked in groups to produce a map of Europe, and took part in role plays on topics such as the Euro, and travelling in Europe.