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Green light for European GPS: Successful Galileo position fix

EU News 348/2013

Brussels, 24 June 2013

Green light for European satellite navigation: Today in a public demonstration in Fucino, Italy, European Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani announced a successful position fixi on the basis of the EU’s current four Galileo satellites. This position fix of longitude, latitude and altitude is concrete proof of the ability of Galileo - the European Commission’s programme to develop a global satellite navigation system under European civilian control - to provide highly accurate positioning data of cars or other objects. Tajani also announced that further satellite launches will bring first services by the end of 2014. They will result in an improved GPS signal and - with more precision, coverage and availability of satellite navigation signals - a whole new array of business opportunities will arise. As the benefits of Galileo are becoming tangible, providers of services and products using data from Galileo need to start preparing for these future market opportunities right now. (MEMO/13/718)

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