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Moving Europe beyond the crisis: country-specific recommendations 2013

EU News 260/2013

Brussels, 29 May 2013

The European Commission has today adopted recommendations to EU Member States designed to move Europe beyond the crisis and strengthen the foundations for growth. These recommendations are based on detailed analyses of each country's situation and provide guidance to governments on how to boost their growth potential, increase competitiveness and create jobs in 2013-2014. Taken together, they represent an ambitious set of reforms for the EU economy. As part of today's package, which marks the culmination of the third European Semester of policy coordination, the Commission has also adopted several decisions under the Excessive Deficit Procedure.

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José Manuel Barroso and Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen, Spokesperson of the EC, in front of the press (from right to left) Date: 29/05/2013 Reference: P-023341/00-01 Location: Brussels - EC/Berlaymont (C)EU, 2013 URL