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Europe/Japan Career Day

EU News 215/2013

2 May 2013


''Europe/Japan Career Day''

organized bythe EU Delegation to Japan with support of the Science Council of Japan

Delegation of the European Union to Japan
4-6-28 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

20 May 2013
14:30 – 19:30
(seminar + reception, 14:00 coffee and registration)

The purpose of this event is to inform about grants and mechanisms supporting research mobility between Europe and Japan. Guest speakers will focus on: Japan Society of Promotion of Science programs, European Research Council grants, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (Horizon 2020), and also activities of Euraxess Japan. Presentations will be followed by the panel discussion with participation of the Secretary General of the Human Frontier Science Program. Active participation of audience is expected. The event is aimed at Japanese and European researchers / representatives of universities and research institutions responsible for international collaboration and research.

Language:         English (no interpretation available)


Master of Ceremony: Mr. Tom Kuczynski (S&T Section, EU Delegation in Japan)     

14:30 – 14:45          Welcome Address:

Ms. Barbara Rhode, Head of S&T Section, EU Delegation in Japan
Professor Takashi Onishi, President of the Science Council of Japan

14:45 – 16:25          Presentations:

14:45         Mr. Kiyoshi Saito, Deputy Director of the International Program Department:
'Overview of JSPS Activities and Internatinal Collaborative Program' + Q&A

15:05         Mr. Massimo Gaudina, Head of Communication Unit ERC:
'ERC research grants (in Horizon2020)' + Q&A

15:35         Ms. Barbara Rhode (EU Delegation)
'Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (in Horizon2020)' + Q&A

15:55         Mr. Richard Kelner (Press, Public and Cultural Affairs Section, EU Delegation)
'Erasmus Mundus / Erasmus for All and ICI-ECP' + Q&A

16:10         Mr. Lee Woolgar (Euraxess Japan)
Euraxess Japan activities + Q&A

16:25 – 16:45              Coffee break

16:45 – 17:45          Panel discussion:

Dr. Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker (Secretary General of HFSP)
Mr. Massimo Gaudina (Head of Communication Unit ERC)
Mr. Kiyoshi Saito (Deputy Director of the International Program Department, JSPS)
Ms. Barbara Rhode (EU Delegation)
Mr. Richard Kelner (EU Delegation)
Mr. Lee Woolgar (Euraxess Japan)

                                                            / engaging audience Q&A

17:45 – 19:30          Reception :

Short speech and toast: Dr. Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker (Secretary General HFSP)

1. Career Day Professor Takashi Onishi, President of Science Council of Japan 2. Career Day Prof. E.L. Winnacker Secretary General of HFSP
3. Career Day Mr. Kiyoshi Saito JSPS 4. Career Day Mr. Massimo Gaudina ERC
5. Career Day Ms. Barbara Rhode EU Delegation 6. Career Day Mr. Richard Kelner EU Delegation
7. Career Day Mr. Lee Woolgar Euraxess 8. Career Day panel discussion
9. Career Day engaging audience 10. Career Day reception speech of Professor Winnacker
11. Career Day networking


Images by TK, EU, 2013


Presentations to Download:

1. Mr. Kiyoshi Saito - Overview of JSPS Activities and International Collaborative Program (PDF)

2. Mr. Massimo Gaudina - The European Research Council - funding for top researchers (PDF)

3. Ms. Barbara Rhode - Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (PDF)

4. Mr. Richard Kelner - Erasmus Mundus Erasmus for All (PDF)

5. Mr. Lee Woolgar - Euraxess Japan Activities (PDF)

6. Prof. Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker - Human Frontier Science Program (PDF)


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