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EEAS provides a 'Clearing House' mechanism to support AFISMA mission in Mali

EU News 24/2013

21 January 2013
A 30/13

Following the extraordinary Foreign Affairs Council of the 17 January, High Representative Catherine Ashton directed the EU Military Staff to activate the 'Clearing House' mechanism, a dedicated secured platform where requests for and offers of logistical support to the African-led International Support Mission to Mali (AFISMA) by EU Member States and other international partners can be handled in the most effective way.

The aim of the EU 'Clearing House' is to assist AFISMA in reaching the operational strength necessary for the immediate transportation of AFISMA contingents, but also in the longer term to provide logistical support to AFISMA's engagement in Mali – including for the transportation of equipment, personnel and ammunition – in the coming months. It highlights the EU's willingness to support AFISMA


The 'Clearing House Support ECOWAS' has been established in Brussels within the EU Military Staff, which is part of the EEAS. It will act as a single point of entry for the registration of requests from ECOWAS via EU Liaison Officers based in Abuja in Nigeria, or Bamako in Mali, as well as for the registration of any support offered by EU Member States or third countries. Possible logistical support to AFISMA can range from technical, material or advisory support to the provision of strategic air lift, planning and training. The 'Clearing House' will then allocate all requests for a final decision by the ECOWAS HQ.

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