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Supporting the future of Syria and the region - Brussels conference

EU News 65/2017

Council of the European Union

The European Union, Germany, Kuwait, Norway, Qatar, the United Kingdom and the United Nations will co-chair the Brussels Conference on Supporting the future of Syria and the region, on 5 April 2017.

The conference, which will be held at ministerial level, will bring together 70 countries, international organisations and civil society.

The conference will seek to:

- assess where the international community stands collectively in fulfilling commitments made at the London conference in February 2016 and agree on additional efforts 
- reconfirm existing pledges and identify additional support to Syrians inside Syria and in the neighbouring countries, as well as to the respective host communities
- support a lasting political resolution to the Syrian conflict through an inclusive and Syrian-led political transition process under the UN auspice
- consider the prospects for post-agreement assistance once a genuinely inclusive political transition is firmly underway

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