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European Council: Main results

EU News 414/2016

European Council

The December European Council discussed the most pressing issues, including migration, security, economy and youth, and external relations.

EU leaders discussed progress on the implementation of the agreements, the so-called 'compacts', with five African countries of transit and origin.

They said that "in the light of experience" offered by the implementation of  the compacts with Ethiopia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Senegal, additional agreements or other forms of cooperation "could be envisaged".

Leaders reiterated their commitment to a full implementation of EU-Turkey Statement on migration. They also supported the implementation plan, which was drawn up by Greece and the Commission and called for EU countries to execute it swiftly.

The European Council reaffirmed its commitment to the European Union Internal Security Strategy 2015-2020. It also addressed the strengthening of EU cooperation on external security and defence. In particular, the heads of state or government focused on the three priorities:

- the EU Global Strategy in the area of security and defence
- the European Defence Action Plan
- implementation of the common set of proposals which follow up on the EU-NATO Joint Declaration signed in Warsaw in July 2016

External relations
The European Council strongly condemned the continued assault on Aleppo by the Syrian regime and its allies, notably Russia and Iran, including the deliberate targeting of civilians and hospitals. The European Council called on the regime and Russia, as well as all parties in the Syrian conflict to implement immediately the following four emergency measures:

- the evacuation of the inhabitants of the eastern part of Aleppo
- immediate aid and protection for all inhabitants of the eastern part of Aleppo
- protection for all medical personnel and installations throughout the country
- international humanitarian law needs to be applied

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