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Public consultation on a Space Strategy for Europe

EU News 201/2016

7 June 2016

In the period 2014-2020, the European Union will invest over €12 billion in space programmes (including Galileo/EGNOS in satellite navigation, Copernicus in Earth Observation and space research in the framework of Horizon 2020). These investments are expected to create substantial market opportunities.

At the same time, the global space industry is experiencing dynamic changes due to growing global competition, technological breakthroughs, and innovations spurring growing private sector interest in space. Space is increasingly attracting new companies and private entrepreneurs (so-called ‘NewSpace’), which challenge the established views and business models of the traditional space industry. These developments present both challenges and opportunities.

Against this backdrop, the European Commission has decided to present 'A Space Strategy for Europe' later this year 2016. The purpose of this strategy will be to set out the overall strategic vision for the EU's activities in space during the next decade (up to 2030).

For the preparation of this strategy, the EU would like to make sure that all relevant stakeholders (including Japanese ones, be it from government, academia or business) have the opportunity to express their views on the different elements of the space strategy, including the objectives, the main challenges and opportunities, as well as the trends and drivers of global competition in the sector.

Specific attention is given to the market uptake by current and future users of the services and data generated by the flagship space programmes, Galileo/EGNOS and Copernicus, as well as the evolution of these programmes in the future.

We encourage our Japanese partners to take part in this survey. While some questions may be more relevant for EU respondents, we would particularly encourage responses to questions 17 onwards.

Survey can be accessed here:

Deadline is 12 July 2016