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Eurogroup statement on Greece

EU News 180/2016


The Eurogroup welcomes that a full staff-level agreement has been reached between Greece and the institutions. Also, the Eurogroup notes with satisfaction that the Greek authorities and the European institutions have reached an agreement on the contingency fiscal mechanism, which is in line with the Eurogroup statement adopted on 9 May in particular as regard the possible adoption of permanent structural measures, including revenue measures, to be agreed with the institutions. It therefore provides further reassurances that Greece will meet the primary surplus targets of the ESM programme (3.5% of GDP in the medium-term), without prejudice to the obligations of Greece under the SGP and the Fiscal Compact.

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From left to right: Mr Poul THOMSEN, Director of the European Department of the IMF; Mr Pierre MOSCOVICI, Member of the European Commission; Mr Jeroen DIJSSELBLOEM, President of the Eurogroup; Mr Klaus REGLING, European Stability Mechanism Managing Director. Shoot location: Brussels - BELGIUM Shoot date: 24/05/2016 Copyright: No commercial use. Credit 'The European Union' URL