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Culture at the very heart of Europe's external action

EU News 136/2016


Federica Mogherini participated today in the European Culture Forum in Brussels together with a number of leading European artists, cultural operators and policy makers. It was an opportunity to present the first ever European Strategy on Cultural Diplomacy, which the High Representative is preparing together with Commissioner Tibor Navracsics.


The High Representative went through the main chapters of the future Cultural Diplomacy Strategy, which will be presented next month to the European Parliament and the Council. She focused on the positive impact of inter-cultural dialogue and student exchanges to foster mutual understanding and strengthen our diplomatic networks. Mogherini then stressed the link between culture, economic development and security: investing in culture and tourism can "strengthen the resilience of societies in our neighbourhood and in Africa," improving Europe's security environment. In this context she also spoke of the protection of cultural heritage beyond our frontiers. The High Representative announced she will propose to the Council and the European Parliament new legislation to disrupt the smuggling of antiquities as a financing source for terrorist activities.

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