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Foreign Affairs Council: Main results

EU News 52/2016

Council of the European Union

The Council discussed the political, security and humanitarian situation in Syria. Ministers emphasized their full support for United Nations Security Council resolution 2254, calling for its full implementation by all parties. They condemned the targeting of civilians and stressed the importance of UN-led confidence building measures, humanitarian access and respect of ceasefires.


The Council reached a political decision not to extend restrictive measures for 170 individuals and three companies whose listings are currently suspended. It however agreed that the arms embargo on Belarus and restrictive measures related to four individuals listed in connection with the unresolved disappearances of two opposition politicians, one businessman and one journalist, will be extended for a period of twelve months.

The Council discussed the situation in Moldova. It adopted conclusions focusing on the reforms Moldova needs to carry out in line with its association agreement in order to fulfil citizens' expectations.

Climate diplomacy

The Council emphasized the role of European climate diplomacy in encouraging implementation of the global agreement on climate change reached in December 2015. It set out the parameters for a 2016 climate diplomacy action plan, with key messages focused around three main strands:

- Maintaining climate change advocacy as a strategic priority in diplomatic dialogues, public diplomacy and external policy instruments;
- Supporting implementation of the Paris agreement and the intended nationally determined contributions in the context of low-emission and climate-resilient development;
- Increasing efforts to address the nexus of climate change, natural resources, prosperity, stability and migration.

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Ms Federica MOGHERINI, High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. Shoot location: Brussels - BELGIUM Shoot date: 15/02/2016 Copyright: No commercial use. Credit 'The European Union' URL