National Rums of Jamaica gets new state of the art distillery (15/12/2010)

Another rum manufacturer has benefitted from the support of the EU's Integrated Development Programme for the Caribbean Rum Sector.  National Rums of Jamaica Limited today opened its state of the art distillery at Clarendon Distillers Limited (CDL) which benefitted from funds amounting to over €4 million or just over J$450,000,000.

With a budget of 70 million euro (J$8 billion), the Programme is one of the largest EU-supported regional projects in the Caribbean.  National Rums of Jamaica Limited embarked on the modernization of the distillery in 2007 and the plant was completed in late 2009.  In addition to the construction of the facility, works undertaken during the modernization of the distillery include the installation of a steam turbine generator and super heater, waste water disposal system, fire safety system and air compressor, weigh bridge/truck scale, steam boiler, new water treatment system and the purchase of new laboratory equipment.

The new distillery was officially opened by Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding and EU Ambassador to Jamaica Marco Mazzocchi-Alemanni. In his remarks the Ambassador said:

"The fact that the EU developed a regional programme which focuses on the rum sector shows the importance of this industry to Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. It is also indicative of the potential we believe the sector holds in creating a valuable niche for export. Sugar may no longer have preferential access in EU markets but that doesn't mean the industry has to die. You have the ability through this kind of funding to diversify the product offerings. …. study the markets, keep a close eye out for opportunities, seize them, be prepared to take some risks, be adaptable. "

The Integrated Rum  Programme originated at the end of the 90's  when the EU decided to provide support to the rum sector as part of the measures to assist the Caribbean  to come to terms with the increased market liberalisation that occurred as a result of the new trade agreement signed between the EU and the US. 

The objective of the programme is to support the modernisation of the industry, improve waste and environmental management, branding and marketing for genuine Caribbean rum. Jamaica has so far received over €7 million euro (J$800 million) from the project, and is one of its largest beneficiaries.


  • Jodi Brown Lindo 
    Delegation of the European Commission to Jamaica,
    Belize, Turks and Caicos Islands and Cayman Islands
    Tel: 1 876 924 6333