Special Framework of Assistance for Traditional ACP Suppliers of Bananas

The 10 year Special Framework of Assistance (SFA) that funds the EU Banana Support Programme in Belize (the EUBSP) originates from the Council Regulation 856/1999 that aims to assist twelve ACP exporters of bananas to the EU to come to terms with the increased liberalisation of the banana regime.

The objective of the EUBSP in Belize is to help the country to come to terms with the increased liberalisation of the banana regime by: i) improving the competitiveness of the banana industry, and; ii) supporting diversification where improvement in the competitiveness is not sustainable.

At least twelve communities in Southern Belize directly depend on the banana industry. Between 4,000 and 6,000 people are directly or indirectly employed by the industry. This figure represents up to 6% of the national labour force and over 35% of the labour force in the rural Stann Creek and Toledo Districts.

The purpose is to maintain living standards of farmers, farm and port workers and their communities in the banana producing areas in the short term and to improve their living standards in the long term. The Special Framework of Assistance in Belize has an allocation of €32 million for the period 1999-2012, out of which over € 27 million have already been disbursed under the programmes.

For further details on the SFA programmes please refer to the Joint Annual Report and to the projects factsheet.

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