Project fiche

The Israel Jordan Integrated Emergency Medical System Concept

Sector: Culture and recreation

EU Contribution: € 380,664.00 (50% of total).

Implementing organisation: Ben-Gurion University Of The Negev

Duration: from 03/2009 to 11/2012

Description: The overall objective is to establish an integrated EMS system that will offer a coordinated response to mutual medical emergency threats. The specific objectives are: To achieve comparability of the Jordanian and Israeli EMS systems. To establish and support Forums of key EMS stakeholders (DSF's). To share knowledge and expertise currently utilised in each country about EMS service delivery, policies and protocols. To give response to legal and procedural problems that limit or prevent a full collaboration. To generate collective knowledge that leads to common best practices and sets the stage for cooperation, coordination and integration.

Location : Israel, Jordan