EU Ambassador Lars Faaborg-Andersen visits Ashkelon (07/07/2014)

 "My presence here is a signal from the European Union of solidarity with people of southern Israel living under an unacceptable threat"

The ambassador of the European Union to the State of Israel, Lars Faaborg-Andersen visited the city of Ashkelon today. Speaking to journalists during the visit, the ambassador said:

"The people living in this area have been exposed to as many missile attacks in the last 4-5 days as in the previous 4 or five months combined. This is obviously an unacceptable situation. The EU has consistently condemned the firing of rockets from Gaza at Israeli civilians. My presence here is a signal from the European Union of solidarity with the people here in southern Israel who are living under this unacceptable threat.

I've been out with the marine police looking at the area from the sea and going all the way down to the border with Gaza and I saw with my own eyes how close Gaza is to Ashkelon. I also visited a Russian–Hebrew kindergarten, and met the children there and saw the security rooms they have there. Finally I was at the command and control centre (חמ"ל) in the city in charge of coordinating the actions by the city in case of an attack and we heard an assessment that the rockets fired today were gradually getting closer to Ashkelon."

To see how people are living on a daily basis with this threat and are taking precautions against it makes a big impression on someone who is living just 60 or so kilometres north of here. This is a very difficult situation to live with and I 'm very conscious of the fear and anxiety that people experience here every day."