Aviation: Israel to join Europe (31/07/2012)

Brussels, 31 July 2012 - Israel and the European Union yesterday initialled a comprehensive aviation agreement. This agreement will gradually open up and integrate the respective markets, strengthen cooperation and offer new opportunities for industry and consumers.

Negotiations on the agreement were finalised in Tel Aviv on 22 March 2012. Since then, the draft text of the agreement has been submitted to the Israeli Minister of Transport for approval which was given on 29 July 2012. The two sides have agreed to develop a common aviation area between Israel and the EU based on common rules. It is expected that the agreement will offer more travel opportunities, more direct connections and economic benefits for both sides.

This agreement will replace bilateral air services agreements between EU Member States and Israel.

After having initialled the agreement both sides will now start their respective internal procedures for its formal signature and entrance into force.

The EU needs a Council Decision in order to sign the agreement.

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