Institutional Framework

The EU-Israel "Association Agreement" pdf - 548 KB [548 KB]   established two main bodies for dialogue. The EU-Israel Association Council, held at ministerial level and the EU-Israel Association Committee , held at the level of senior officials. Both bodies hold annual meetings to review the bilateral relationship, and to discuss points of  common interest, be it in regional political or economic issues, trade, educational or cultural matters, transport and telecommunications or scientific and technological cooperation.

In addition, ten sub-committees with Israel were established under the European Neighbourhood Policy Action Plan . These usually meet once a year:

  1. Industry trade and services
  2. Internal market
  3. Research, innovation, information society, education and culture
  4. Transport, energy and environment
  5. Political dialogue and co-operation
  6. Justice and legal matters
  7. Economic and financial matters
  8. Customs cooperation and taxation
  9. Social and migration affairs
  10. Agriculture and fisheries

Delegations from the European Parliament and the Knesset also hold regular inter-parliamentary meetings.

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