The Role of the EU Delegation

The European Union is represented by one hundred and thirty delegations worldwide. The Delegation of the European Commission to the State of Israel was officially opened as a diplomatic mission in 1981. With the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon on December 1, 2009, the Delegation became the Delegation of the European Union to the State of Israel.

The Delegation is responsible for managing official relations between Israel and the European Union. The Head of Delegation is accredited as the official representative of the European Union.

The Delegation deals with 5 main fields: political, trade, projects, press & information, and science.

In the political field the Delegation represents the Union’s position in contacts with senior Israeli decision makers. It also reports on political events in Israel to the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels.

In the trade field the Delegation is in regular contact with government ministries and business, promoting smooth trade links between the EU and Israel. It also deals with a range of issues connected with various EU-Israel agreements.

In the field of projects the Delegation coordinates numerous programmes and projects such as a local and regional cultural programme, the ‘EU Partnership for Peace Programme", projects to support human rights, projects in the field of gender and cross border co-operation. It also coordinates twinning activities and co-operation between European and Israeli administrations.

The Head of Delegation holds regular press meetings with the Israeli media and is regularly invited to address various audiences. The Press & Information Manager disseminates information on the EU and its relations with Israel and responds to questions from journalists. Among the information products produced by the Delegation is the 'Europe in Israel online’ electronic newsletter which is open to all and is produced in English and Hebrew.

In the scientific field, the Delegation actively helps to implement the various science and technology agreements between Israel and the EU and promotes cooperation between the Israeli technological and scientific organizations and their European counterparts. It also coordinates on environmental matters and manages environmental projects.