The 2nd ASEAN-EU High Level Dialogue on Maritime Security Cooperation (06/05/2015)


2nd ASEAN – EU High Level Dialogue on Maritime Security Cooperation

“Developing Inter-Agency and Regional Cooperation”


  1. Following the success of the 1st ASEAN – EU High Level Dialogue (HLD) on Maritime Cooperation, which was held on 18th – 19th November 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia, the 2nd ASEAN – EU HLD on Maritime Security Cooperation was held on 5th – 6th May 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The 2nd HLD was jointly organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia and the European External Action Service, and hosted by the Maritime Institute of Malaysia and supported by the Regional EU – ASEAN Dialogue Instrument (READI).
  2. The 2nd HLD was attended by officials and key experts from ASEAN Member States, the EU Institutions and EU Member States. Bearing in mind that maritime security issues are multi-faceted and need to be addressed holistically, the 2nd HLD had an in-depth exchange of views on different aspects of maritime security including enhancing inter-agency cooperation and coordination, investigation of maritime security incidents, enhancing maritime situational awareness, ensuring port security, etc. The discussions drew on best management practices within the EU as well as lesson learned from the application of the EU Maritime Security Strategy and its Action Plan, EU’s Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE) and the CRIMARIO programme.  The 2nd HLD also discussed measures to tackle transnational organised crime (TOC), securing port security including enhanced containers security, as well as capacity building.
  3. The 2nd HLD realised the potential benefit that could be derived by ASEAN as well as the EU through closer dialogue and cooperation in maritime security. Accordingly, the HLD could be a catalyst in identifying actionable and concrete activities in the future which would contribute positively towards deepening ASEAN – EU relations.
  4. Ratifying international convention and treaties by ASEAN member states can be the basis of a rule based approach. In addition, understanding interpretation and implementing the international convention and treaties at national, regional and international level would further strengthen regional cooperation.
  5. The 2nd HLD agreed that maritime security cooperation could be enhanced  by forging region to region common perspectives, building adequate policy frameworks and strengthening regional capability through information exchange and fusion systems between ASEAN and the EU.
  6. As a way forward, enhancing port security in ASEAN drawing from best management practices and experiences of the EU as well as strengthening international legal frameworks relating to maritime security were identified as concrete avenues that could be pursued under the ASEAN – EU framework.