Project fiche

Improved livelihoods for Cotton Farmers, Weavers and Garment makers in South India.

Sector: Cottage industries and handicraft

EU Contribution: € 719,936.50 (61.90% of total).

Implementing organisation: Oxfam Gb Lbg

Duration: from 01/2008 to 12/2011

Description: Expected results: (i) Improved Market Access; (ii) Enhanced Skills, Knowledge and Appropriate Technology; (iii) Pro-poor Policy Environment ; (iv) Gender Equity and Women’s Empowerment ; (v) Establishment of Sustainable Community Institutions

Location : States: Andhra Pradesh (Districts: Warangal, Prakasam and Nalgonda) & Karnataka (City: Bangalore) Target Groups: 8,000 poor smallholder cotton farmers and their families, 1,000 poor handloom weaver families, and 10,000 garment workers.