S&T Awareness Raising and Information Campaign in India

Europe acting together to promote research and innovation cooperation with India

Awareness Raising and Information Campaign in India

10 - 28 September 2012

The European Union and its Member States are organising together another series of information seminars throughout India to raise awareness among Indian research stakeholders about the opportunities that they can offer for research and innovation cooperation, including mobility schemes for Indian students and researchers and partner search tools. This follows from the very successful campaign in 2011. This campaign is also very timely considering the momentum given to building the Indo-European Research and Innovation Partnership at the last EU-India Summit in New Delhi in February 2012 and at the meeting that the EU Commissioner and Ministers responsible for research and innovation in the EU Member States had with the Indian Minister for Science and Technology in Brussels in May 2012.

56 European S&T counsellors and representatives of research organisations from Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the European Research Council, Euraxess Links India, the European Business and Technology Centre as well as from the Delegation of the European Union, will made some 155 presentations in 31 key research and innovation hot spots in India over a three-week period. In addition, five thematic sessions were also be organised and focused on biotechnology, industrial research, sustainable transport, ICT and health. Indian participants in cooperation programmes with Europe will also presented their experience and lessons learnt in some of the cities.

In the final event in New Delhi, keynote addresses were also delivered by H.E. Mr João Cravinho, Ambassador of the European Union to India, H. E. Mr. Harald Sandberg, Ambassador of Sweden to India, Dr. S. Relia, Head, International Multilateral & Regional Cooperation Division, Department of Science and Technology and H.E. Mr Jaak Aaviksoo, the Estonian Minster for Education and Research

The Speakers

The list of speakers and their contact information is available here

The Presentations

Speeches at the final event in New Delhi

Compendium of European Mobility Schemes for Students and Researchers India ↔ Europe

This compendium is intended to be used as a stand alone document to introduce the various schemes that exist to support mobility between India and Europe (in both directions), enabling students and researchers to scan the range of schemes and quickly be able to grasp the key essentials of each programme. It is not intended to give exhaustive information on each scheme. It will be updated periodically.

The compendium is available here

Information Sources and Material

European Union 











The Netherlands 

The United Kingdom 

Partner Search Tools

Find a compilation of the available search tools here      

Testimonies of Indian Participants in European Research Programmes

Various testimonies are presented here . These testimonies reflect the visions of former researchers and can give you more specific information about the collaboration between Indian and European researchers.

Overview of Research and Innovation Cooperation

This overview   of EU and its Member States research and innovation cooperation with India is intended to introduce the main aspects of these cooperation.

Joint Declaration on Research and Innovation Cooperation

Read here the Joint Declaration on Research and Innovation Cooperation between the European Union and the Republic of India signed on February 10th, 2012.


Find here the Brussels Communiqué, in which the Indo-European Research and Innovation Partnership shared visions and pathways are described.






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