European Toy Safety Campaign: Ensuring safety for our children (12/12/2011)

Christmas is a very busy time of year for Santa Claus. He has to make sure he hasn't forgotten any good girls or boys…and make sure that the toys are not only fun, but also safe! This year, his task will be easier than ever before: since July 2011, toys sold in the EU must satisfy the strictest safety rules in the world.

Safe and fun is the perfect combination, but it is actually not so obvious! What makes a toy safe to use depends not only on the toy itself, but also on how it is used and the age of the child. What should you look for to know if a toy is safe or not for a child? To offer some good advice, European Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani is launching the European Toy Safety Campaign, intended to show how to get the safest toys, and how to use them safely. A video clip to be aired on TV stations around Europe explains the issues, reinforced by a card with safety tips to be handed out to consumers all over the EU when they are buying toys.

It is not a coincidence that the Campaign is being launched now, as Christmas is the time when most toys will be bought. Tajani hopes that this campaign will enable and help parents make the safest and best choice for their children, thereby “making sure that we don't learn safety "by accident!”