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Mandatory speed limiters in all vehicles?

Recent reports in the press have suggested that the EU intends to bring forward “formal proposals this autumn” to introduce automatic speed controls -known as “Intelligent Speed Adaptation” or ISA, into cars. This is quite simply not true and the Commission had made this very clear to the journalists concerned prior to publication.

There is no EC legislative proposal currently in preparation concerning mandatory use of Intelligent Speed Adaptors.  No such proposal is foreseen.

The Commission has supported past research into ISA. There is a current stakeholder consultation and study focusing on speed limiting technology already fitted to Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) and buses. One aspect of that is whether ISA could in the long-term be an alternative. A second consultation looks more broadly at in-vehicle safety systems in general. Such “staff working documents” are not adopted by the Commission at political level and have no legal status.

For more detail see here.