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Did you know that IPA-funding does not depend on EU membership?

IPA is short for “Instrument for Pre-Accession”. It aims at providing targeted assistance to countries which are candidates and potential candidates for membership to the EU, thereby helping them to reach standards necessary to qualify for EU membership.

In particular, IPA helps strengthen democratic institutions and the rule of law, reform public administration, carry out economic reforms, promote respect for human rights, support the development of civil society and advance regional co-operation, and contribute to sustainable development and poverty reduction. According to the IPA’s Multi-Annual Indicative Financial Framework (MIFF) it is estimated that Iceland will be the recipient of roughly 10 million Euros per annum between 2011 and 2013. Due to Iceland's size and general well-being this is a significantly lower sum than allocated to other candidate countries.

Same rules and guidelines apply to IPA funding’s as to other international agreements. International organizations, like the EU and the UN, make agreement with the authorities of the state (host-state) they are positioned in. These agreements stipulate the right to diplomatic immunity of office accommodations and staff, exceptions from customs duties and public taxation. This is a fundamental principle in international relations, which is based on reciprocity. It makes operations of embassies, international organizations and various international assistance programmes, e.g. development aid, to be smoother and cheaper. IPA funding are based on these same principles. 

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