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February 26, 2014, 16:43

What would you like to know?

Evrópustofa - The EU Info Centre in Icelan (EUIC) has translated and published several useful brochures into Icelandic.

The purpose of the Info Centre is to increase the general knowledge of the EU in Iceland. We especially recommend the brochure How the EU works for those thirsty for information. You can find it along with other interesting pamphlets and brochures here.
Feel free to contact the Evrópustofa staff, who are glad to assist!

Evrópustofa is located at Suðurgata 10, 101 Reykjavík and opening hours are between 09-17 Monday-Friday.
We aslo have an office in Akureyri, Kaupvangsstræti 23, and opening hours there are between 13-16 Monday-Friday.

The phone number is 527 5700 and you can also send in questions and inquiries via our e-mail: evropustofa[at]