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October 28, 2014, 13:38

Well received seminar on Slovenia and the EU

On Monday the 27th of October the Institute of International Affairs at the University of Iceland, in collaboration with the EU Info Centre, held an open meeting where Dr. Cirila Toplak, Associate Professor at the University of Ljubliana in Slovenia, discussed what effects Slovenian idea about the country being a small state within the EU have had on its European policy.

The lecture discussed the idea of Slovenia being a small non-influential state not because of its relative size, but rather because of its political culture.  Slovenia is a country that has historically always, except for a brief period in 1991 (when the nation seceded from Yugoslavia) until it joined the EU in 2004, been a part of greater states, unions or coalitions. This has resulted in Slovenians becoming used to the center of power resting elsewhere than in their own capital.

Dr. Toplak also discussed the results of the European Parliamentary elections that were held in Slovenia last May, where voter turnout was 24,43%. Slovenia has 8 seats within the European Parliament.

Moderator was Jóna Sólveg Elínardóttir, MA in International Affairs.