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February 1, 2012, 11:50

Visitors at Evrópustofa

Several guests have visited Evrópustofa since it opened on 21 January

The first guests to arrive on Monday morning after the opening were 11 early risers from the tenth grade at Landakotsskóli. The pupils were on a field trip with their Danish teacher and decided to use the opportunity and gain some information about the EU as they are currently participating in the EU Lifelong Learning Programme. We have furthermore received numerous guests with varying opinions on Iceland's European integration process, some sceptics, others that have not quite decided as well as people who see Iceland's future within the EU. Guests are invited to accept refreshments, consult with the EUIC team, or have a look at the Centre's library. 

Since before the opening, the Info Centre's team has been receiving and categorizing information material about the EU, brochures, books and audivisuals,. The goal is to organize all the material by policy areas and set up a complete list of what the EUIC has to offer. The list will then be made available on our website. That way, those who cannot come to our premises at Suðurgata, can call us and order at no cost the material that they find interesting.