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November 14, 2013, 16:07

Visit to Laugar

Representatives of Evrópustofa and the EU Delegation in Iceland discussed European affairs at an open meeting in Breiðamýri community centre, organised by the “Meeting Society” of Þingeyjarsveit, on Tuesday 12 November.

Henrik Bendixen, Head of the European Integration Section at the EU Delegation discussed the EU’s agricultural policy and Gyða Einarsdóttir, Public Information Officer at Evrópustofa, discussed Iceland’s participation in European cooperation in the past decades. Following the presentations questions were answered. About 30 people attended and the meeting was very interesting.

The next day, Gyða and Henrik visited Dagbjört Jónsdóttir, mayor of Þingeyjasveit, and she informed them of the main opportunities and challenges in the area. After that, ÚA fiskur was visited and the guests witnessed how geothermal energy was used to dry fish bones and heads to be exported. After that the local upper secondary school was visited and it’s ambitious activities were observed. Finally, the splendid horse-breeding farm at Torfunes was visited. The representatives were well received by all locals and the travellers were very grateful for the opportunity to visit and enjoy the company of the very nice people of the area and becoming acquainted with the diverse daily life of the inhabitants of Laugar and the surrounding area.