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November 26, 2013, 16:25

Twenty years of Iceland participating in European programmes celebrated

Over a thousand people attended the celebration of twenty years of Iceland’s participation in European programmes on Friday, 22 November, at the Reykjavík Art Museum.

A collaborative group of all the EU programmes in Iceland; Evrópusamvinna, in cooperation with Evrópustofa, hosted the event. At the event, many of the various projects were showcased; demonstrating the success of a great variety of EU-supported cooperation, from volcano research to art festivals, exchange programs to entrepreneurships. The new EU programmes to be adopted next year were also presented. Director-General of DG Culture and Education, Mr Jan Truszczyński attended the event, granting awards for exemplary projects.

Iceland has actively participated in EU programmes and Icelandic companies, institutions, schools, organisations and individuals have received about 200 million EUR worth of grants in the past 20 years. A website, displaying the distribution and amounts of grants categorised by location and subjects, was formally presented at the harvest festival. Evrópustofa sponsored the web. Access to the web is from the front page of the common website of those responsible for operating EU programmes in Iceland:

Organisers of the harvest festival were pleased with the participation. Over 1,100 people visited the Reykajvík Art Museum after lunch on Friday to look at, get informed and taste all kinds of refreshements at offer, such as a huge European cake, which disappeared at the waving of a hand!

The conference held earlier that morning, organised by Rannís, was also well attended. The EU programmes for the next seven years, to be launched in 2014, were presented:
•    Horizon 2020,
•    Erasmus+ and
•    Creative Europe