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September 19, 2014, 13:18

“Lets programme the European future”

EU Code Week 2014 11-17 October 2014.

The second EU Code Week will take place 11-17 October 2014. Millions of children, parents, teachers, entrepreneurs and policy makers will come together in events and classrooms to learn programming and related skills. The idea is to make coding more visible, demystify these skills, and bring motivated people together to learn.

Schools, organizations, authorities, companies and individuals are encouraged to organize events during CodeWeek.

Each and every interaction between humans and computers is governed by code. Whether you create a web app, follow GPS directions when driving or wish to revolutionize social interactions. Programming is everywhere and fundamental to the understanding of a hyper-connected world. At the same time demand for education in coding has not been in accordance to demand for programmers. It is, therefore, important to introduce the creative aspects of coding to children and teachers alike. Basic coding skills will be needed for many jobs in the near future and by learning a bit of coding parents earn a new way of approaching their children in a world of technology and computers.

Everyone can participate in CodeWeek, for example by organizing events and attending courses. Further information can be found on

The Icelandic company Skema is a special contact for CodeWeek in Iceland and provides information and assists those who want to participate in EU's CodeWeek. See here,

You are welcome to contact Ardis Armannsdottir, by phone: +354 618-1001 or mail