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June 9, 2014, 11:37

Guardian reporter goes on the road with European Film Festival - The Whole Circle

Earlier today, The Guardian published an article where journalist Jon Henley shares his experience of going on the road with the European Film Festival - The Whole Circle 1 - 10 June in Iceland.

Henley traveled for ten days through nine remote villages. With him on the journey were Dora Magnusdottir, from the EU Info Centre, Asa Baldursdottir from Bio Paradis, technician Hlynur Friðriksson and hardworking interns Hans and Josephine Brinkmann.

The reason the film festival went on the road this year, as opposed to taking place in the more traditional setting in Reykjavik or Akureyri, was that the organisers wanted to provide Icelanders around the country with the opportunity to experience some of the finest films in European cinema‘s recent history.

The initiative was met with positivity and gratitude from the inhabitants of the villages visited, which included Vopnafjordur, Sudavik and Blonduos. Noted director and Sudavik native, Ragnar Bragason, also celebrated the traveling film festival and shared his thoughts with Henley. To read the article click here.